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Welcome to the Pokemon Fan Generation Wiki! Before you start on your journey, please be sure to check out the creator! LuigiFan004!

Hello everyone, LuigiFan004 here!, for some reason, when i was creating this wikia page, it didn't work! Im glad it went up though! Sorry in advance if i do anything wrong, im new at this! if anyone has any questions, eather put them in the talk section or leave them on my user page. And all Fakemon ideas will be accepted!

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This Wikia is a collection of Fakemon from Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark, Pokemon Uranium, and Pokemon Sage. My own ideas and yours can be in here! Now, i am NOT taking credit for someone elses work, im just combining it. All credit goes to the creators of these amazing Fakemon. I will create a story as well, but im not sure about the game, yet! Now, I did use artwork of other creators to make my Fakemon, but thats it! I did this because for Fan Generation, i wanted to do something different, and what is more differant than adding Pokemon to other one's familiys!  And mosty because i am a fan of Pokemon and all of the Fakemon out there! So send your ideas, share your knowlage, and together, as a Group, as a team, and as Friends. We can Catch em' All!

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Starters of Pokémon Fan Generation

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